Treatment Options

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Before beneficiaries enter any of our rehabilitation programs for the treatment of alcohol or drug addiction, they are subject to a comprehensive evaluation by Qaweem specialists, in order to find out the extent of the addiction and its history. Following that, they are assigned one of the following programs:


The beneficiary would attend and participate in a program with a Sunday to Thursday schedule for 28 days.


The beneficiary would attend and participate in a program for 3 days (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday) over the period of 28 days.


The center works to provide post-rehabilitation services and continuous care for addiction patients over 18 years of age, provided that they have the incentive, to ensure psychological and recovery stability.


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Stages Of The Qualification Program

rehabilitation center in Saudi Arabia

The beneficiary is directed to the appropriate stage according to the comprehensive evaluation of the team and the development of the treatment plan

Intensive phase

Number of Weeks: 1-4
Attendance: 7 days a week


Number of Weeks: 5-8
Attendance: 5 days a week

Integration Phase

Number of Weeks: 9-12
Attendance: 3 days a week

Extended Care

Attendance: As recommended by the team


Program Outline


With Qaweem’s internationally-acclaimed curriculums, extensive programs and proven effective results, we provide rehabilitation services, post-rehabilitation follow-up, and continuous care for addiction patients, Our goal is to ensure mental, physical and emotional stability for a complete and sustainable recovery.


Non-Systematic programs

> Self-help group
> Sports & recreational activity
> 12 Steps Program
> Staying in Balance Program
> Social Support Program
> Life Skills Program
> Group Therapy Program (Psychological Development)
> Work Therapy Program

Systematic Programs

> Stages of Change Program (Activating Motivation)
> Early Recovery Program
> Relapse Prevention Program