Who We Are

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Qaweem is the first treatment center in Saudi Arabia to be licensed by the Ministry of Health, and we hold the highest rates of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction in the Arab world. The center relies on the latest treatment programs to provide the best rehabilitation services, continuous care, and follow-up after recovery for addiction patients, in addition to a range of family and social counseling. 

In Qaweem, our expert group of doctors, consultants and specialists have extensive training and experience in the field of addiction. Our integrated treatment includes mental, physical and emotional health, while also training and developing all cadres working in the field of addiction treatment.

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We work together, step by step, to achieve positive change in the lives of the beneficiaries

In Qaweem, we extend all of our resources and teams to patients and their families, and are keen to spread awareness and training in the young communities. These groups are most vulnerable to addiction, and we want to enable them to make informed choices and stay away from drugs and alcohol.

We are aware young people tend to verge towards unsafe practices to overcome certain psychological, social or health conditions and that makes them vulnerable to drug abuse. We seek to overcome this phenomenon by establishing centers for addiction rehabilitation in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Founder and CEO
Faisal Almutawa

addiction treatment center in Saudi Arabia

Our Team

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Qaweem’s group of doctors, consultants and specialists are professionals in the fields of psychology and addiction treatment. Each of our team members have been selected carefully and according to specific experience and background to provide the best service to you. This team consists of:

Psychiatrists Psychologists Religious Guides Social Workers

Recovery Specialists Therapy Guide Specialists Art Therapists Sport and Meditation Coaches


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